why graphic designers only?

Graphic Designers are my people. I've always found it easiest to work with like-minded people and the VA/Client relationship is no exception. Do you critique menus when you go out to eat? Do you sometimes land on a website and cringe? Yeah, me too. We'll have no problem getting along and getting right to work.

how often will we communicate?

Like I mentioned in my Values + Vision, open communication is key for me. I prefer to have a Slack channel or Asana board just for us. We can ask questions, share files, and comment freely. Of course I don't expect you to answer right away, but entrepreneurs find themselves sometimes working odd hours. If you find that you want to send me a quick message while you're up at 2 am working on your email newsletter, go ahead and send me that message. I'll get back to you sometime during the very next business day.

do you track your time?

Absolutely. I use FreshBooks to track all of my time and projects and will send you a summary when I send out your next invoice (or upon request). Transparency is important to me. I never want you to wonder if you're being taken advantage of. Just a helpful tip, when looking for a virtual assistant, make sure you hire someone who values transparency. I think that trust is super important in all relationships, especially when you're trusting them with parts of your business.